A Quick and Easy Way to Experience Instant Relaxation in 1 Minute or Less

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Feeling stressed or anxious?

Neck or shoulders or back feeling tight and tense?

Already relaxed but want to feel every more relaxed?

We all could use more relaxation in our lives, couldn't we?

Allow me to introduce a quick, safe, and easy self hypnosis method that I personally use daily to experience relaxation.

The best thing about it?

It only takes 1 Minute or Less to do.

You'll find that the relaxation to be so enjoyable that you will be doing it more and more and it is really up to you just how long you wish to relax for.


Here is the simple 4 Step Method.

1) Sit down and close your eyes. A quiet place is ideal but this method can be just as effective anywhere you need instant relaxation.

2) Pretend that your eyes are comfortably closed shut and locked. Continue to pretend your eyes are closed shut for a few seconds. Go ahead and test your eyes by pretending to try to open them while they are locked shut. After a few seconds of this, let the muscles in your eyes relax fully while you let out a big exhale. You may notice that just doing this starts the relaxation process.

3) Relaxation by Intentional Deep Breathing. Here is the best way to breathe (in both this exercise and everyday life) - Inhaling deeply through the nose (as if your stomach is being filled with air like a balloon filling up with air) and exhaling out the mouth as if that balloon just deflates slowly. Now, as you do each cycle of inhaling/exhaling, say out-loud or in your mind (either way is fine) the following message: I inhale relaxation and exhale tension. Repeat this inhaling/exhaling cycle as many times as you desire. Notice that upon the first few cycles, you will become aware of tension in certain areas of your body and over time, the tension will shift. This is what we want. Anytime that tension shifts physically, it means that the mind is processing change which means that not only are you relaxing physically, your mind is relaxing and loosening mental blocks you have as well. If you continue to repeat the cycle of breathing and the message, you'll notice your body become more and more loose and relaxed.

4) After you are satisfied that you are sufficiently relaxed, say out loud or in your mind (either way is fine) that "I will awaken from relaxation now, feeling refreshed and fully awake now" Then, simply just open your eyes and enjoy the benefits of being more relaxed now!

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